Who We Are

The Voice For The Voiceless

Our organization, rooted in the belief that Women Are The Core of our communities aims to uplift and empower women around the world by helping them find their voice. Our programs are centered around the ideal that if we empower a woman we empower a nation.

Women are Core strives to promote international standards on the elimination of discrimination against women. We say no to domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, child marriage, and all forms of gender discrimination. We say yes to dignity, respect and freedom.

Women Are Core provides a cross-cultural empowerment platform for women and children where information and resources are shared for the wellbeing of members. Our goal is to facilitate and enhance sisterhood amongst women and girls across cultures. We take pride in creating an atmosphere of community where all are welcome to fully participate.

Women Are CORE

  • C – Community builders
  • O – Originators of brilliant ideas
  • R – Resilient & Resolute leaders
  • E – Enduring family pillars

Women Are Core is a DUNIA Magazine initiative.